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Starblood Arena Dev Working To Fix Matchmaking Issues

Starblood Arena Dev Working To Fix Matchmaking Issues

After months of waiting PlayStation VR (PSVR) finally got another significant release this week in Starblood Arena from WhiteMoon Dreams. There’s just one problem: lots of people are struggling to actually play the game.

Matchmaking issues have been plaguing the 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) multiplayer shooter since it launched on the PlayStation Store this past Tuesday. Many fans online have reported not being able to get into games. In fact, we at UploadVR have been unsuccessful in finding a match since full launch, which is stopping us from delivering our final verdit. We put a Review-in-Progress up earlier this week, in which the game looked quite promising.

But, fear not, WhiteMoon is listening to your concerns.

A member of the team took to Reddit this week to reassure players that it’s working with Sony itself to fix matchmaking issues. “We apologize for how long it’s taken to update you,” the developer began, “we wanted to make sure that we understood the problem and that we could give you good information.”

The team assured fans that patches to tweak the game were already in the works, and that it would be working “round-the-clock” to sort server issues out.

“Right now, all our solutions are strictly server/backend side, so no one has to worry about doing any sort of updating, but we’re pulling all our teams together to make sure you guys can find games and on top of that, we’ve got community events and tournaments in the making,” the team wrote. “Rest assured, matchmaking is being handled.”

WhiteMoon also noted that it was working on a demo for Starblood so that people that haven’t picked up the game yet can test it out. That’s a feature that’s especially important given the game could end up making some players feel sick. It’s also working to improve support for flight sticks, which some players are having issues with.

Starblood might be a great VR game, but we’re really not able to tell without getting in to play some games ourselves. We’re currently hoping to have a full review of the game next week, provided matchmaking issues are mopped up.

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