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Star Wars: Vader Immortal Teases Cheating Death In New Years Message

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Teases Cheating Death In New Years Message

Star Wars: Vader Immortal is coming to Oculus Quest this year, though we still don’t really know what it is. We got a brief teaser trailer at Oculus Connect 5 in 2018, but it didn’t tell us much. The latest teaser trailer is similarly cryptic.

A New Years tweet from developer ILMxLAB’s account includes the below video. It simply utters the works “New year, new opportunity to cheat death” before flashing the logo once again then saying “Prepare for his arrival”. To us, that suggests that someone cheating their own death may play a part in Vader Immortal’s story. From the first trailer, we know that Darth Vader has captured and brought the player’s character to his super secret evil lava base. Could he have perhaps done this to someone he once thought dead? Could we be a Star Wars character we all thought had perished? Perhaps a Jedi thought to be killed in Order 66?

Or perhaps that message refers to Vader himself? We know Vader Immortal is set between Episodes III and IV of the movies. Maybe it’s closer to when Anakin Skywalker was left for dead and was reborn as Vader. Okay, we’re getting too far into fan theory territory here but it’s exciting to play the guessing game.

It’s a lot to pick apart but we’ll need to remain patient for answers. Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 (which will hopefully be a lot better than that other Episode 1) is coming first to Quest, which is expected to launch a few months from now. ILMxLAB is keen to stress that it isn’t a ‘game’ as such, but it will have interactive elements. Judging by the debut trailer, one of those elements could be VR lightsaber combat. That alone has us sold.

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