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Star Wars: Jedi Knight II VR Fan Remaster Gets A Demo This Week

You’ll be able to try out that really rather excellent-looking VR fan remaster of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II this week.

The project’s Twitter account announced that a free demo for the project will launch on June 10. This isn’t a full and final release for the project but instead the first part of the demo. Expect it to draw from the original game’s early missions. The demo had previously been available for the project’s Patron supporters.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II VR Fan Remaster Demo Confirmed

Developed in Unreal Engine, we’ve been routinely impressed with video footage of this project. The original Jedi Knight II is known for its visceral lightsaber combat and this project looks to replicate that with VR controls. It’s also looks to take the original game’s decapitation mechanic to a whole new level, allowing you to behead troops or get much messier. We don’t say that as blood-thirsty monsters so much as, well, that’s what a lightsaber does, isn’t it?

More recently, the developer also revealed a look at force powers in the game, allowing players to push poor Stormtroopers around.

It’s a really promising project, though obviously not official by any means. Still, anyone that’s spent the last few years mastering their lightsaber moves with Blade & Sorcery mods will likely want to check it out.

Will you be trying the demo for the VR fan remaster of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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