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Squingle Receives New Mixed Reality Features Next Week On Quest App Lab

Squingle mixed reality update

A new Squingle mixed reality update adds trippy fractals across your home, available next week on Quest.

Offering a psychedelic puzzle experience with over 100 levels, Squingle previously introduced mixed reality support last year with its passthrough update. Free for all existing owners, the MR update builds upon that by introducing "trippy fractals that emanate across users’ walls and furniture."

The mixed reality update also introduces Quest 3 enhancements. Speaking to UploadVR, creator Ben Outram explained that he "darkened the passthrough layer to bring out the action of the game" on Quest 2 but confirms this no longer made sense with Quest 3's improved passthrough "as it’s fun to be more connected to your real environment and lighting."

Squingle is out now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab. It's also available on Pico 4, Vive XR Elite and SteamVR, though non-Quest platforms won't receive Squingle's new MR features. A multiplayer update is also planned for release next year.


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