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Spider-Man VR Update Adds New Missions And More

Spider-Man VR Update Adds New Missions And More

A new Spider-Man VR update is here, and it packs a few new surprises.

Update 1.01 launched for the PSVR version of the game yesterday. It brings with it two new time trials, two new combat trials and five new pins to discover. You can find these challenges in the game’s Free Play mode, which lets you swing around the city at will. Time trials have you web-swinging through gates as fast as possible while combat trials pit you in battle against drones. Pins, meanwhile, are hidden around the game’s city for you to discover.

Elsewhere, the update brings other bug fixes and enhancements. From what we can tell the update hasn’t hit other headsets just yet but stay tuned.

We’re quite fond of this take on Spider-Man in VR, which ties into the recent movie. Unlike the Spider-Man: Homecoming VR experience and Marvel Powers United VR, this actually lets you web-swing around New York. It’s far from perfect, but it gets enough right that you can legitimately enjoy slinging across the city skyline as Spidey. It’s also free, which is pretty hard to complain about.

Earlier this month Sony Pictures Virtual Reality told us it was looking at bringing the app to Oculus Quest. We’re also hoping for native Valve Index support so we can really feel like we’re shooting webs ourselves. We also have our fingers crossed that the game’s success could mean bigger and brighter Spidey VR adventures in the future.

Keep checking back for more Spider-Man VR updates.

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