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Speak Of The Devil Is A VR Horror Movie With Multiple Endings

Speak Of The Devil Is A VR Horror Movie With Multiple Endings

VR is getting its very own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ experience in Speak Of The Devil.

Released this week on Google Daydream, Speak Of The Devil is an interactive narrative VR piece from Light Sail VR, which previously produced a 360 degree experience tying into the Paranormal Activity franchise. In this live action experience, you’ll meet a couple out on a camping trip in the woods, but the pleasantries won’t last long as supernatural demonic horrors soon start plaguing the viewer.

From the start, you’ll be able to choose where to explore in the woods and what actions to take. There’s only one path that leads to escape and 12 other options that will leave you in a body bag. The piece stars Michael Grant Terry (Bones, The Archer, Grimm), Taylor Murphy-Sinclair (Fame Dogs) and Mick Ignis (The Sandman, Stan Against Evil, Severus Snape, The Marauders). It was directed by Matthew Celia and produced as part of Google’s Jumpstart program.

Check out the trailer below. It seems suitably gory with a bit of b-movie appeal to it.

Speak Of The Devil is available for $2.99 on Daydream and will release on other platforms later down the line.

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