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Spatial Brings AR Gaming To The Tabletop With A Magic Window

Spatial Brings AR Gaming To The Tabletop With A Magic Window

AR tabletop gaming could get a real boost with this new peripheral from Spatial Gaming.

The Spatial MRX is a mobile accessory designed to bring augmented reality boardgames to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. It’s a $60 device that plugs into your hardware and places it behind what it calls a ‘Magic Window’. Using a camera fitted to the device, this window removes your phone/tablet from view and instead projects virtual images onto the surface in front of you as if you were simply looking through a pane of glass.

The camera also tracks pieces to project virtual characters and objects, and will react in real-time if you move the kit during play. A joypad comes integrated into the unit for control, too. Currently the device supports iPhone 6, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy 6 and Samsung Tab S2 along with later iterations of each. Note that phones don’t need iOS’ ARKit nor Android’s ARCore to work.

Spatial comes with a set of games, while more will be available to download via the App Store and Google Play. These include a card battler named Mythico, a 3D building app named HoloCraft, a real-time strategy game named WarTable and an obstacle course-arranging title named Bolt.

Currently the company is running a Kickstarter campaign for the project, with 29 days to go until its September 13th close date. At the time of writing it’s already raised $14,703 of its $25,000 goal. A limited $60 pledge gets you not only the unit but unlimited game activation codes.

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