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Spaceteam Is Even More Frantic Inputs With Free Updates

Spaceteam Is Even More Frantic Inputs With Free Updates

Spaceteam VR has already been testing friendships and ruining vocal chords for Quest and PC VR users. But new features in upcoming free updates will pile the pressure on even further.

The trailer below just debuted at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition, and shows some of the new options on the way to Cooperative Innovations’ party game. You’ll test your nerves with a wire minigame in which you can’t touch the sides and let loose with a whack-a-mole style attraction. Our favorite new control panel has to be the xylophone, though, which adds a little music all the screaming.

These features will be rolling out as part of free updates in the coming weeks and months. Also set to arrive soon is support for more languages, so more people can join in on the madness.

We’re also hoping to see some new customization options for the game’s avatars in the future. Community Manager Alex Earle told us Cooperative Innovations was working on adding more in an interview last month (which we did inside the game itself).

We already think Spaceteam VR is a great VR party game, with cross-play and local multiplayer modes fleshing out the experience. “Inevitably, some of the same-room companionship is lost in the transition from physical to virtual, but not nearly as much as you might think, and thoughtful additions made possible by headsets go a good way to making up for it,” we said in our review.” Spaceteam VR will break friendships, ruin your vocal cords and raise your blood pressure. That is to say, it’s quite a delight.”

It’s also due for a launch on PSVR in the future, though we don’t have an exact date for that just yet


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