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Cooperative Innovations Talks Spaceteam VR... Inside Spaceteam VR

Cooperative Innovations Talks Spaceteam VR... Inside Spaceteam VR

Warn your neighbors and ready your vocal cords; Spaceteam VR arrives on Oculus Quest and PC VR this week.

Cooperative Innovations’ debut VR game adapts the classic mobile title to headsets. In Spaceteam, up to six players join forces to keep their spaceship working as they fly through the universe. Each player has a unique control panel filled with an assortment of elaborately-named gizmos. You’ll need to listen out for orders barked from your teammates as well as keep an eye on new instructions to issue them, resulting in a chaotic party experience, complete with fires, airhorns and the occasional dance-off.

There’s also a multiplayer mode that brings in mobile players and you can customize your characters with different gear.

Bringing the collaborative mishap mayhem of the original game over to VR couldn’t have been easy, so we spoke to the developer about making it all happen. But, get this, we did it inside the game itself; below Community Manager Alex Earle joins us (or rather we join him) to talk about the game. We cover the work going into Spaceteam’s impressive player-controlled avatars and maintaining the balance between panic and fun. We also throw some shapes and set off fire extinguishers in each other’s faces because that’s sort of a requirement in this game.

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We’ll have full impressions of Spaceteam VR later this week, so make sure to check back for more.

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