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There's A Shameless Among Us Clone Reaching PSVR 2 This Week

Spaceship Impostor VR: Multiplayer Deduction Simulator Among Game

Among Us VR will eventually reach PSVR 2 but in its absence, a blatant clone is arriving on July 16.

Fully named 'Spaceship Impostor VR: Multiplayer Deduction Simulator Among Game,' this revolves around discovering the impostor across a group of up to 8 people. Your crewmates must complete all tasks across your ship to win or detect the guilty party, while the impostor must ensure they aren't discovered and voted out. In other words, exactly like Innersloth's original game.

Among Us didn't invent social deduction games but you would be hard-pressed to view this as anything other than a blatant clone. The only trailer we could find is in the latest PSVR2 Without Parole video at 6:11. While it's only a brief look, this shows a similar map design, tasks, an emergency meeting and colorful spacesuits.

Among Us clones aren't especially new in VR, though it's not a stretch to believe interest died down after Schell Games launched its official Among Us VR adaptation. Reaching one million sales in January, Schell Games has released numerous updates like custom lobby settings and Polus Point, a new map arriving later this month.

While it's available now on PC VR and Quest, it remains unclear when exactly Among Us VR will reach PSVR 2. Schell Games initially confirmed the PSVR 2 version would launch "when the headset is released" before later delaying it.

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