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City Sim Spacefolk City Jumps From Oculus Quest To PC VR This Week

City Sim Spacefolk City Jumps From Oculus Quest To PC VR This Week

Casual city building simulator Spacefolk City is jumping from the Oculus Quest over to PC VR later this week.

The game from Moon Mode launches on SteamVR on November 10. That’s just a few weeks after it debuted on the Oculus Quest on October 21. Expect the full game to make the leap, tasking players with building a new floating city out in space after a supernova brings chaos to the galaxy.

The game’s a mix of city-building and god sim with a cutesy art style. Check out a trailer below.

Spacefolk City PC VR Release Date

We reviewed the Quest version of Spacefolk City last month and ended up quite liking it, saying “there remains plenty to love about Spacefolk City. With some lovely visuals and straightforward mechanics, Moon Mode’s made excellent use of spatial gameplay in a manner only VR could achieve. Creating new settlements is entertaining and while there’s not much here for genre veterans, it’s worth remembering who Spacefolk City’s targeting. If you’re after a city builder with smaller scope, you’d do well to check this out.”

We ended up giving it our ‘Good’ label.

Meanwhile the Oculus Quest version of the game just got an update. It includes more power clouds for the game’s sandbox level among other tweaks and fixes. Expect those changes to be in the PC version too.

Are you going to be picking up Spacefolk City on PC VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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