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Space Junkies Move Support, Smooth Turning Arrives Today

Space Junkies Move Support, Smooth Turning Arrives Today

Good news for Space Junkies fans playing on PSVR; two of your most requested features arrive today.

PlayStation Move support has finally been added into the zero gravity shooter. Previously the game only supported DualShock 4 on PSVR. We thought the implementation was pretty good but others disagreed, especially when getting into cross-play matches with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR owners. With Move support, players will be able to independently operate both hands. You can get out the control scheme below.

Space Junkies Move Support

But that’s not all; today’s update also brings smooth turning. Now the iron-stomached among us can do away with blink turning. Check out the video below to see these new features in action.

These additions are one part of developer Ubisoft Montipellar’s plan to give the game a bit of a boost. Space Junkies enjoyed a hefty 60% discount over the past two weeks, for example, to “maintain a positive game experience.” In other words, Ubisoft wanted to get more people into the game to ensure players aren’t stuck in lobbies.

But that’s not all. The team also has a detailed road map with plenty of plans for free content. These updates will arrive monthly through now until July. Expect to see new maps and equipment as well as bot play.

It’s great to see Ubisoft giving Space Junkies a chance to thrive. We really like the game and think it deserves a fair shot. “It’s the kind of game you can either play for one match, or accidentally lose hours to. The matches are fast-paced and frenetic, the weapons are fun and varied, and the customization brings a deeper level to it all,” we said in our review. “Frankly, it’s fun in a way that is sometimes missing from more serious affairs. It’s already an exceptional experience and if it evolves and gains new content it will become unmissable.”

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