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Space Explorers Episode Two Streaming For Free Until July 23 On Quest

Space Explorers Episode Two Streaming For Free Until July 23 On Quest

The second episode of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is available to stream for free in Oculus Venues on Quest, starting today and running until July 23.

The event is running in celebration of National Moon Day (which itself commemorates Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon) and is available on a 24-hour loop in Oculus Venues for Quest users.

The episode, titled ‘Advance’, is the second in a planned four-part series from prolific and veteran immersive media creators Felix & Paul Studios, in association with Time Studios. Here’s a synopsis of the episode:

The daily workload of conducting pioneering scientific experiments continues on the Space Station as the crew prepares for the departure of three astronauts who have completed their six month stay. A changing of the guard offers an opportunity to reflect on the vital role of women in space. 

The first episode in the series was available to stream for free in Venue back in May. However, if you missed it, you can catch up by downloading the Space Explorers app for Quest.

The ISS Experience is the second series offered by Felix & Paul Studios as part of Space Explorers, the first of which is titled The Journey Begins and features two episodes. The individual episodes, from The Journey Begins and The ISS Experience, are available for $2.99 each as an in-app purchase.

Episodes 3 of The ISS Experience is due out in the Fall, while episode 4 is set for a Winter 2021 release. The series has also been nominated for an Emmy this week, competing in the Outstanding Interactive Program category.

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