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Space Channel 5 VR Out Now On Viveport Infinity, SteamVR Coming Soon

Space Channel 5 VR Out Now On Viveport Infinity, SteamVR Coming Soon

Here’s one that slipped under our radar – the PC VR version of Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash is already available on Viveport, and is coming soon to SteamVR.

The VR adaptation of the cult rhythm action game launched on HTC’s Viveport Infinity subscription service on November 20th. That means you can get access to the title via the monthly subscription that allows you to play a whole heap of other VR games too. This version of the game is compatible with just about every PC VR headset – Rifts, Vives, Index and even Windows Mixed Reality should be covered.

But what if you don’t want to use Viveport? Well the game’s coming soon to SteamVR, launching on December 9th according to the official website. It’ll cost $24.99 on the platform.

Space Channel 5 VR has already done the rounds on both PSVR and Oculus Quest, having launched on the former back in February of this year. While it was great to see an obscure fan-favorite series return in VR, we thought the gameplay was far too basic and the content far too thin to warrant a hefty asking price.

“Space Channel 5 VR should have been a glorious return to form, but this cult hit series can’t keep up with the beat set by its competitors,” we said in our 2/5 review. “The surprisingly brief campaign coasts on by without ever pushing your skills and, once it’s over, there’s very little else to do. Ulala and co are long overdue a return to the main stage, but this isn’t it.”

Will you be checking our Space Channel 5 on PC VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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