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Soviet Lunapark VR Cancelled As Dev Doubles Down On Atomic Heart

Soviet Lunapark VR Cancelled As Dev Doubles Down On Atomic Heart

Bad news for anyone that was looking forward to updates to Mundfish’s Soviet Lunapark VR in the coming year; the developer recently canceled the game.

Released on Steam Early Access in July, Lunapark was a sort of precursor to Atomic Heart, the studio’s upcoming first-person shooter for traditional displays. It was a co-op game in which players explored the weird and wacky remains of the Soviet Union, gunning down hordes of enemies. We never got the chance to play it for ourselves but production-wise it looked a step up from a lot of other VR shooters.

Last week, though, Mundfish ceased sales of the game on Steam, stating that it had “decided to end development and support” of the project. In a blog post, the developer reasoned that this was so it could focus on Atomic Heart. Servers will shut down on March 1st 2019, though an arcade version of the game will still be available in cities around the world.

The original trailer for the game had listed PSVR support, but this news pretty much confirms that that version will have been canceled too.

It’s not clear if Mundfish intends to refund those that bought the game in Early Access, which planned to deliver more content in the build-up to a full release. The team has encouraged anyone with questions to reach out to That said, the game only managed to amass 47 user reviews since launch in July, which may suggest that it simply didn’t sell enough for the studio to keep going. We’ve reached out to the developer to ask about refunds and find a more detailed explanation for what’s gone wrong.

“We are really grateful to all who supported Soviet Luna Park VR and we hope to meet you again — in the world of Atomic Heart!” Mundfish concluded in its blog.

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