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Sony's Try PSVR Trial System Sells Out

Sony's Try PSVR Trial System Sells Out

Sony launched an intriguing new initiative to spread the word on its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset last week, but you had to be quick to take advantage of it.

The company revealed a new system simply called ‘Try PlayStation VR’, allowing applicants to do just that. 1,400 PSVR units — specifically the Skyrim VR bundle that comes with a copy of the game and two Move controllers — are to be sent out to successful sign-ups. Recipients will have 14 days to play all the VR they can squeeze in before sending it back.

Unsurprisingly, the scheme is already sold out.

Try PSVR seems like an extension of the work Sony and others have been doing to get more headsets onto heads with stands at shopping malls and more. The best way to sell people on VR is to get them to actually try it, so extending the program online is a great way to increase the potential audience. If recipients like what they play, they can keep the headset and Sony will charge them $300. That might sound like a hefty fine, but it’s actually $150 off of the price of this bundle at retail, so it’s still a great saving.

It was a pretty shrewd move on Sony’s part to include Skyrim in the deal, too. We’d challenge anyone to spend an hour in that game and not get stupidly addicted in no time.

Sony hasn’t yet said if it will extend the scheme or perhaps run it again at another point, but given its popularity, it’s quite possible we other companies try this out too.


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