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Sony Reveals Skyrim VR PSVR Bundle, New TV Spot

Sony Reveals Skyrim VR PSVR Bundle, New TV Spot

It’s not a stretch to say that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR will be one of PlayStation VR’s (PSVR’s) biggest releases yet, not just in terms of content but also notoriety. It makes sense, then, that Sony is bundling the game with new headsets.

The Skyrim PSVR bundle launches in the US and Canada on the same day as the game’s launch, November 17th, for $449.99 USD/$579.99 CAD. No word on an EU bundle just yet. It includes the base game, all of its DLC, an updated PSVR demo disc and, of course, the PlayStation Camera and two Move motion controllers. Note that, while the game works with Move, you can also play it with DualShock 4 and we actually prefer this option as it allows for smooth movement across the game’s vast open world.

Also debuting today is a new TV spot for the game that shows you what it’s going to be like to jump back into Bethesda’s fantasy universe in VR for the first time.

As you probably guessed, this bundle includes the new model PSVR. This isn’t a major improvement over last year’s edition, only including a few small but appreciated updates such as high-dynamic range (HDR) passthrough for traditional PSVR games and some aesthetical refinements like improved earphone input.

It’s just a few weeks now until Skyrim VR hits out PS4s. Check back for full coverage of the game.

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