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Sony Releasing Updated PlayStation Move Controllers For PSVR

Sony Releasing Updated PlayStation Move Controllers For PSVR

Sony chose not to refresh the design of its PlayStation Move motion controllers for the launch of PlayStation VR (PSVR) last year but, now nearing the headset’s first birthday, it’s decided that might’ve been a good idea after all.

Yesterday we reported that Sony was releasing an updated PSVR model with a slightly improved design. There isn’t any major overhaul here. Instead, you get some slimmer wires, improved headphone integration and high dynamic range passthrough support. Spotted over on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, it looks like the same is true of the new Move controllers; the mini USB slots that were designed around the time of the PS3 have finally been swapped out for micro USB slots, and the battery life has been slightly improved.

And that’s about that.

While it’s always nice to get an upgrade, PSVR fans will likely agree that Move has far greater issues that we were hoping would be addressed. For starters, the lack of analog sticks can make controlling some games a challenge, especially considering PSVR only supports 180-degree controller tracking, meaning you can’t face away from the PlayStation Camera. Moreover, the single-camera setup for the platform means the controllers are susceptible to drifting, meaning they’ll move slightly even when you’re holding your hand still.

Still, just because these updated devices are on the way, that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t working on some wholly new controllers too. Keep those fingers crossed.

The Moves and the updated PSVR hit Japan on October 14th. We’re still waiting to find out when they’ll release elsewhere.

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