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Don't Worry, Sony Just Reconfirmed PSVR 'Is Compatible With PS5'

Don't Worry, Sony Just Reconfirmed PSVR 'Is Compatible With PS5'

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 reveal event didn’t include a single mention of PSVR or the upcoming successor VR headset, don’t worry too much. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO Jim Ryan reconfirmed in an interview published today on CNET that the PSVR “is compatible with PS5” thankfully.

The full quote reads:

“All that we have said to date, and we’re not adding to it tonight, is that the current PlayStation VR is compatible with PS5. The camera that we demonstrated tonight will be available as a peripheral, it will not be in the box at launch.”

This sounds to me like the HD camera will offer enhanced features that were not available with the PS4 Camera (unrelated to VR) and is likely going to be used to enable current generation PSVR compatibility. However, as Ryan states, it will not be included with either the standard or digital edition of the PS5 console in the box at launch.

If what we’ve heard rumored about the PSVR 2 is true, that makes sense — especially since it isn’t releasing when the PS5 itself releases this Holiday season. Presumably it will use a different tracking system that doesn’t require light balls and external cameras, but perhaps will instead be fully wireless sort of like the Oculus Quest with brand new controllers. All of that remains to be speculation at this time.

In the meantime, read our list of confirmed PS5 games we think would be great with PSVR support, a rundown on the PS5 specs, and check out this round up of everything we know so far about the inevitable PSVR follow up.

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