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Sony Is Now Selling A North American Gran Turismo Sport PSVR Bundle

Sony Is Now Selling A North American Gran Turismo Sport PSVR Bundle

Today, Sony announced that within the next few days a brand new North American PSVR bundle including Gran Turismo Sport and an updated demo disc will start hitting store shelves, similar to last month’s European bundle. The bundle will also include the required PS Camera and will be available in retailers across the U.S. for $399.99 USD, basically meaning the game is thrown in for free. Notably, the bundle does not include PSVR Worlds, while the European counterpart does.

It’s an interesting move because the PSVR support in GT Sport may be surprisingly good, but it’s also frustratingly limited as only a tiny slice of content. As a result, the bundled game here isn’t even really a VR title — it’s just a non-VR game with a tiny VR mode. You can see the VR gameplay in action in the video below:

More PSVR bundles are always a good thing. When the device launched the only official bundles included just PSVR Worlds, but options for triple-A quality games for franchises that people know and love (like Gran Turismo) makes a lot of sense. It’s just a shame the included game doesn’t have more VR features. A discount code or additional inclusion for something like DriveClub VR would have been a nice addition for this bundle.

What do you think of the PSVR GT Sport bundle? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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