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Sony Introduces Official $399 PSVR Camera Bundle

Sony Introduces Official $399 PSVR Camera Bundle

Looks like Sony caught wind of Microsoft’s VR news; the company has just announced a new bundle for its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset.

When PSVR launched back in October 2016 its base model didn’t include the PlayStation Camera that was required to actually track the headset. Limited bundles offered the device with the camera but, otherwise, you had to buy it separately unless you already had it. From September 1st, though, you can buy the headset and the camera bundled together for the standalone’s original price of $399. Unofficial bundles with free cameras have been offered for a while now but this is the first official packaging.

It is, in effect, sort of a price cut for PSVR, without being directly labeled as one. A pre-existing bundle at included PlayStation VR Worlds and two Move controllers, meanwhile, has had an official price cut to $449. The deal has only been announced for the US and Canada.

This is perhaps a response to the official price cuts that PSVR’s biggest rivals recently put in place. The Oculus Rift is currently on sale for the same price at the PSVR camera bundle, and will soon be set at the official price tag of $499, while the HTC Vive has dropped to $599. Sony’s main draw, though, is only requiring the affordable PS4 to get you up and running with VR, instead of a more expensive gaming PC, though this comes at some sacrifice to quality.

Will you be picking up this new bundle?

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