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Sony Hosting PSVR One Year Anniversary Sale In October

Sony Hosting PSVR One Year Anniversary Sale In October

Can you believe PlayStation VR (PSVR) has been with us for nearly a year now? Sony’s PS4-based headset launched on October 13th 2016, meaning its first birthday is just a little over two weeks away. Naturally, the company is planning to celebrate.

Sony will be hosting a sale for PSVR content on the PlayStation Store starting October 10th, the company promised in a PlayStation Blog post this week. No details on what games will be on offer just yet, though we’re hoping that big hitters like Resident Evil 7, Farpoint and Dirt Rally will be on offer along with some of the more obscure gems like Bound and Thumper. PS Plus members can expect extra discounts on top of the initial price cuts, too.

PSVR has sold over a million headsets in its first year on the market, which is thought to be more than both the more expensive Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets have managed to sell. Recently Sony announced what is effectively a price drop for the headset, bundling in the PlayStation Camera that’s needed to track the headset into the box for the same price.

If you’re a PS Plus member then you can already grab a pretty awesome deal from the subscription service’s instant game collection; online shooter RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is currently free to download via the platform.

Check back in on the PlayStation Store in two weeks’ time, then, and make sure to head back to UploadVR where we’ll be doing lots to celebrate PSVR’s first birthday.


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