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Sony Disappoints Fans By Ignoring PSVR During CES

Sony Disappoints Fans By Ignoring PSVR During CES

Many speculated that CES 2016 would make an ideal venue for Japanese tech giant Sony to announce the release date and price of its upcoming VR platform, PlayStation VR. However, in a 60 minute presentation, on one of the tech world’s biggest stages, the company barely acknowledged PSVR beyond the few graphics that flashed during the high-intensity “sizzle reels” featuring the breadth of Sony’s product catalog.

As the conference wore on many users voiced their concern over the lack of VR news in the chat window of the company’s Ustream account. More mature users cautioned that gaming  represents a mere 15 percent of Sony’s overall business and they were most likely saving PSVR for a grand finale at the end of the show. However, as more and more time was spent on cameras, projectors and televisions the level of fearful tension rose.

Eventually Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hazarai (known as “Kaz”) closed the keynote with a smile, a wave and no mention of what is arguably his company’s most innovative and aggressively desired product.

Suffice it to say, the Internet was not happy.

One user posted the same tweet dozens of times, hoping for a response from the Sony PR team.

Slowly, more and more exclamation points were added until it became obvious no VR news would be coming from Sony at this particular show.

Reddit users also let their disgruntled voices be heard.

The question on everyone’s mind was, “Why?”

Why would a company refrain from discussing a product that should be virtually guaranteed to make headlines in both the electronics industry and the mainstream media?

The most likely answer is that PSVR, moreso than the Rift or the Vive, has been billed from the start as a “gamer’s” product. With that in mind Sony is most likely waiting to reveal any new PSVR news until the next major gaming convention or conference in order to keep their biggest news in front of their biggest fans.

Over and over again during the press conference, Sony execs echoed the need to listen to their customers — giving them and seeking to give them exactly what they demand. Apparently the real product they need to release is the Sony Hearing Aid (patent pending).

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