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Sony CEO on VR: 'You Will See The Change And Improvement'

Sony CEO on VR: 'You Will See The Change And Improvement'

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida is confident that issues with current VR headsets will be improved upon in the future.

Speaking to The Independent at the IFA technology conference in Berlin last week, Yoshida outlined many of the common problems with early VR headsets like the company’s own PlayStation VR (PSVR), noting that the tech was “still evolving” at the moment. He noted that the inability to see the world around you when in VR could be “a little bit dangerous” and that motion sickness was still prevalent.

“So there is a lot of room of room to improve in VR experiences and you will see the change and the improvement,” Yoshida said.

Yoshida’s comments weren’t specific to PSVR itself, but his words were certainly relevant to the headset, which features a limited 180 degree tracking system for its motion controllers. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the company is planning to improve upon that feature and many, many others in a successor to PSVR, if the company ever decides to make one. The Sony-backed Japan Display Inc already showcased a hugely promising new VR display at the SID Display Week earlier in the year.

Also during the interview, Yoshida noted that mixed reality technology was “one potential evolution of VR”, likely referring to headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens and the recently-launched Magic Leap One. That makes us wonder if Sony has any of its own experiments going on in that space right now and if they could at all be linked to the PlayStation brand. As PS4 enters the later stages of its lifecycle and speculation about a possible PS5 begins to ramp up we’ll be very interested to see where the company also takes this tech.

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