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Sonaria Is Google's Latest Charming VR Movie

Sonaria Is Google's Latest Charming VR Movie

Google’s Spotlight Series continues to produce some of the best 360 degree movies for viewing in your VR headset of choice, and its latest piece is no exception.

Sonaria, as the piece is called, is now available to watch on PC-based VR headsets via Steam and Viveport. You can also watch it on smartphones using compatible headsets via the Spotlight Stories app on iOS and Android. Announced earlier this year, it’s a visually stunning experience that follows two creatures that elegantly shift from one form to another using a set of simple shapes. You can check out its arresting art style in the trailer below.

Pretty lovely, no? It’s a soothing piece that uses sound and light to create something unlike anything else you’ve seen in VR so far, and it tells a heartwarming tale of companionship.

Oh and if you were wondering how directors Scot Stafford and Chromosphere’s Kevin Dart pulled it off then you can see the making of video below.

Sonaria’s releases comes not too far behind Spotlight Stories’ last project, Son of Jaguar. That said, the heart-wrenching Pearl arguably remains the series’ highlight. You can also get that one on Steam and Viveport.

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