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Solaris: Offworld Combat Aim Controller Support Confirmed For PSVR

Solaris: Offworld Combat Aim Controller Support Confirmed For PSVR

You’ve been asking and now we know for sure: yes, Solaris: Offworld Combat Aim controller support will be included in the PSVR version of the game.

A tweet from the game’s official Twitter account confirmed as much. The tweet reconfirms that the PSVR version of the game will launch later in 2020 and include support for Sony’s rifle-shaped controller. The Aim controller is a two-handed device that comes with a trigger, buttons and analog sticks for moving around in VR. We’ve seen it used in PSVR titles like Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine. The extra buttons often make it a much more immersive tool to play games with than the PlayStation Move controllers.

But arguably the most popular PSVR game with Aim controller support is Firewall: Zero Hour, which was developed by First Contact itself. It’s no surprise to see that the PSVR version of Solaris will offer Aim support, then.

That said, Solaris is a different beast to Firewall. True they’re both shooters but, whereas Firewall was a tactical game akin to Rainbow Six, Solaris is an arena-based game that reminds us more of Unreal Tournament. We debuted the first gameplay for the title running on Oculus Rift at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition last week.

Solaris will first be touching down on Rift and Quest in August. A specific release month for PSVR hasn’t been confirmed but hopefully it won’t be too far behind. With Solaris Aim controller support confirmed, will you be checking out the game later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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