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Watch: Sniper Elite VR Gets 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

Watch: Sniper Elite VR Gets 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

Surprise! We’re kicking off a week-long mini-Upload Access with Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR, and it starts with some exclusive gameplay.

We’ve recorded over 12 minutes of footage from the upcoming VR shooter below. This is taken from around midway through the game’s campaign in a level that nicely mixes some of the different playstyles. It’s running on SteamVR.

Sniper Elite VR Gameplay

For starters, we’ve got a look at some of the sniping, which relies on a steady hand and excellent timing. A plane overhead gives players a moment to strike by masking the sound of gunfire, letting you pick off targets without giving up your position. And, of course, there’s plenty of the game’s bloody glorious X-RAY killcam.

You can also see some of the stealth mechanics at work here – not every level of Sniper Elite VR will allow you to sneak around, but it’s often best to stay silent for as long as possible. But, when you’re inevitably discovered, you’ll also have more than enough firepower at your disposal to stand your ground. The game replicates a number of WW2-era weapons, with realistic reloading and hefty weapon handling.

We’ve got more to come from Sniper Elite VR later this week. Check back for an interview with Rebellion and co-developer, Just Add Water, soon. We’ll have more gameplay to show towards the end of the week too.

Sniper Elite VR hits Quest, PSVR and PC VR on July 8 – what did you make of our Sniper Elite VR gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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