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Smash Is A New VR Game For Ready Player One's Oasis Beta

Smash Is A New VR Game For Ready Player One's Oasis Beta

Yesterday we reported that Vive Studios’ Oasis Beta, a tie-in VR experience to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, had arrived on Steam, bringing Oculus Rift and Windows VR support with it. As it turns out, there’s a new game to try out, too.

Smash is the fourth title to be added to the platform and can be played for free. Developed by 2 Bears Studio (which previously released Vive Studios’ Super Puzzle Galaxy), it’s a little more sporty than the other games on the platform, reminding us of CCP Games’ Sparc and, by natural extension, Tron.

In the game, players hold two paddles used to hit balls down a corridor. An opponent on the other side attempts to return shoots but, should either of you miss, the opposing team will score a point. It sounds pretty simple. In fact it basically sounds like VR’s take on Pong, and it would be far from the first game to ape that Atari classic.

Smash joins Rise of the Gunters, Battle for the OASIS, and Gauntlet on the Oasis Beta. While these games might not replicate scenes from the movie, the idea is to build out a platform similar to the metaverse of the same name seen in the movie (and the book it was based on).

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