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Fan Remakes Slender Man VR For Quest To Stalk Your Nightmares

Fan Remakes Slender Man VR For Quest To Stalk Your Nightmares

The latest VR bravery contest is here; a fan has remade Slender Man in VR for Oculus Quest.

Reddit user QValem pieced together the original cult classic horror game to run on Facebook’s standalone headset. In Slender Man, you find yourself lost in the woods searching for scraps of paper. You have to collect a certain amount before the haunting, lanky figure of the Slender Man catches up with you. It was absolutely terrifying when it released on PC in 2011 and we don’t really want to think about how much scarier it would be in VR.

You can download the app’s APK here and run it through SideQuest. QValem notes, though, that this was a small project, completed in less than an hour. Don’t expect an incredibly fine-tuned experience, then. This is just a bit of ‘fun’ for horror aficionados. The developer shared how they created the experience in the Reddit thread above. It was made with the noble intention of scaring their girlfriend. Partner of the year, right there.

With how quickly something like this was assembled, it surprises us we still haven’t seen an official Slender Man VR game. The simple and effective concept seems perfectly suited for a VR port, if not a full game. It belongs on the list of other horror games like PT and Outcast that are just begging for VR versions.

Still, even if they did make an official one I wouldn’t play it. I like my heart rate just fine as it is, thanks.

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