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Sky's Whisper Is A Soothing VR Game That Gives You Wings

Sky's Whisper Is A Soothing VR Game That Gives You Wings

This VR game gives you wings, and I don’t mean in the Red bull sense; I mean it actually lets you fly like a bird.

Sky’s Whisper is a soothing new VR experience from SkyDust Studios, which consists of Montreal-based artist Peter Tran and programmer Ylan Luu. In it, you use your respective motion controllers to essentially flap your wings and take flight, soaring above the remains of an ancient civilization and visiting various islands to learn about a land that once was.

Check out the first footage of the game above. There’s definitely a Paper Valley vibe to it, with a peaceful soundtrack and lush minimalist visuals. It looks like it could be quiet a treat for those of us looking for more relaxing types of VR games.

But SkyDust needs your help to get the game off the ground (sorry, sorry). Currently, the studio is running a Kickstarter campaign for the game. Normally we’d balk at crowdfunding campaigns, but the team is asking for a mere $1,000 CA (about $750 US) as a base goal, and you can secure a digital copy by pledging around $11. Should the game get funded, the studio is hoping to have it in your hands September next year. That said, the team only has until the start of August to raise the cash, so act quick if you’re interested in picking it up.

The game’s coming to the HTC Vive, though there’s no word on Rift/PSVR support just yet.

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