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Skyrim VR, Ready Player One Collectibles Come To SteamVR Home

Skyrim VR, Ready Player One Collectibles Come To SteamVR Home

You can now decorate your SteamVR space with memories of your travels as the Dragonborn.

Skyrim VR finally came to Steam earlier this week (and it’s really, really good) and now Valve and Bethesda have added a brand new SteamVR collectible to the platform’s Home area. You can grab the iconic horned helmet and display it as you see fit inside your virtual space. Sadly it doesn’t come with a Fus-Ro-Dah ability.

Another big addition to the collectibles range arriving this week is items tied to Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s VR blockbuster which opened in theaters last week. You can grab a virtual copy of the book it was based on by Ernest Cline as well as a statue of the Iron Giant, who has a wealthy cameo in the film. These were both made by Driftwood Entertainment.

Finally, two other VR apps get collectibles this week. The first is a mask from Payday 2: VR and the second is a model of the International Space Station from the recently-released app from House of Fables. To use these collectibles you’ll actually need to own their corresponding apps (except for Ready Player One, of course).

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