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Skyrim VR Is A PSVR System Seller In UK, Charts Suggest

Skyrim VR Is A PSVR System Seller In UK, Charts Suggest

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, arguably PlayStation VR’s (PSVR’s) biggest release so far, finally arrived last Friday and we’ve rarely seen the VR fan base so excited. But, as happy as loyal PSVR owners must be, it looks like the game — and a big Black Friday promotion — has brought in a lot of new fans too.

Chart-tracking group GFK — which gathers data on sales of physical copies of software — places Skyrim VR as the 19th best-selling game in the UK for the week ending November 18th (the day after the game launched). It might not be a top 10 debut, but a PSVR exclusive game will always have a hard time competing with traditional software like Call of Duty appearing across multiple better-selling platforms.

What is interesting, though, is the game occupying the #20 spot just behind it – PlayStation VR Worlds. This minigame collection launched alongside PSVR itself back in 2016, but reentered the charts this week. In the UK, Worlds is included in a PSVR starter pack bundle, which some retailers like Amazon have been bundling with copies of Skyrim as part of a Black Friday deal Sony revealed last week.

The deal gave shoppers a choice between Gran Turismo Sport (which ranked at #12 on this week’s charts) and Skyrim VR along with the PSVR starter pack for £250, saving you about £140 off of the original price. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon.

The sudden return of PSVR Worlds to the UK charts, positioned directly behind Skyrim VR, suggests that a lot of people that picked up a physical copy of the game last week got a PSVR alongside it. That’s not too surprising given the Black Friday promotion, but it’s still encouraging to see. Tellingly, Skyrim VR is also currently listed on the 21st spot on Amazon UK’s video games best sellers list and, yes, the PSVR starter pack bundle is right behind it.

Take note that GFK doesn’t track PlayStation Store sales, so it may be that many existing PSVR owners picked up a digital copy of the game instead. We’ve loved it, so we’re happy to see people picking it up.


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