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This Skyrim VR Mod Replaces Touch Controllers With Virtual Hands

This Skyrim VR Mod Replaces Touch Controllers With Virtual Hands

When you’re out there, roaming the wilds, Skyrim VR offers some of the most immersive exploration of any VR world. But then you bring up your menu and you see your virtual hands turn into virtual controllers and some of the magic is lost. This mod fixes that, at least for Rift players.

Reddit user Cyl0n_Surf3r recently posted this user mod that replaces the virtual models of the Touch controllers with humans hands so you can keep feeling like yourself within Tamriel. As you can see, they’re not the most detailed models (the developer notes that, oddly, the quality seems to reduce in-game after launching from SteamVR) but they’re certainly better than the alternative.

To install the models (full details in the thread above) you need to download them from here, then back up the two Touch controller folders in your Steam directory. After that, delete the original files and copy and paste the files from your download there.

Take note that this isn’t a mod designed exclusively for Skyrim itself, rather SteamVR. Thus the mod will work with any game that uses the standard Touch controller models. As mentioned, then, you should probably keep a saved version of the original files you’ll be tampering with in order to quickly swap them round again, then.

There are many, many other mods you can try in Skyrim VR. We took a look ourselves last week.

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