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Sketchfab Passes 1 Billion Views Of Its 3D Models

Sketchfab Passes 1 Billion Views Of Its 3D Models

3D model hosting website Sketchfab announced today that it’s passed one billion page views.

Sketchfab consists of an online library of user-created 3D content, including a large portion of models and works made inside creative VR applications such as Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. Users are also able to view uploaded models inside VR itself.

In a press release announcing the milestone the company clarified that ‘about 80%’ of those page viewers were on models themselves, whilst the site’s community has grown to over two million members (doubling in size in just over a year) and there have been over 200 million visitors overall. There are more than three million uploads on the platform. The company says this gives it ‘the widest reach when it comes to interactive 3D content on the web’, suggesting it beats out competitors like Google’s Poly platform, which we don’t have such statistics for.

“The past few years have seen amazing shifts in our ecosystem,” Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyel said in a prepared statement. “On the creation side, anyone can now create 3D content with simple creation tools and 3D capture technologies. On the consumption side, users can now consume 3D content in 3D space, thanks to virtual and augmented reality. We have greatly benefited from those trends, leading us to these important milestones.”

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