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SketchAR Brings AR Art To Microsoft's HoloLens

SketchAR Brings AR Art To Microsoft's HoloLens

When we first saw SketchAR, the app let us use our iPhones to trace over AR images, providing a quick and easy way to get us drawing like professional artists. But we see far more use for the app on a headset, freeing up one hand and letting us trace far more intuitively. Now we can do just that.

SketchAR has just hit Microsoft’s HoloLens headset for free. The app allows you to bring up various drawings and project them into the real world to be traced. You might simply want to redraw something on a piece of paper, or the app will let you scale it up so that you can do something a little more ambitious like paint the image on a wall, as you can see in this new trailer.

We can see SketchAR having a long life on plenty of other platforms like Google Tango and Apple’s ARKit too.

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