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SideQuest Isn't Accepting Gorilla Tag Clones Anymore

SideQuest Isn't Accepting Gorilla Tag Clones Anymore

VR content sideloading platform, SideQuest, will no longer be accepting games that imitate multiplayer hit, Gorilla Tag.

The platform announced as much on Twitter today. “We appreciate the time and effort you have put into making a game similar to gorilla tag, it’s very popular,” the message reads. “At a certain point it becomes too much and there is no point in adding any more games that want to be like gorilla tag.”

SideQuest Turns Away Gorilla Tag Clones

Gorilla Tag has indeed proved incredibly popular since launching in early access over a year ago, with John Carmack last year noting that more people play it than some full-blown AAA multiplayer VR games. Just search the game’s name on SideQuest and you’ll be treated to an amble supply of clones, from ‘Lemur Swingers’ to ‘OwlChase’. In fact, a Gorilla Tag fan game actually appears in the search before the genuine article.

Still, it’s a notable move for a platform that prides itself on providing developers with a path to Quest headsets without passing Meta’s strict store curation.

VR is no stranger to copycat games of course – there have been countless Beat Saber imitators over the years too. In fact, you could even argue that Beat Saber itself was at least partially inspired by older games like Audioshield.

What do you make of SideQuest turning away Gorilla Tag clones? Let us know in the comments below!

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