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Shooty Fruity Blasts Onto Oculus Quest Next Week

Shooty Fruity Blasts Onto Oculus Quest Next Week

nDreams’ zany wave shooter, Shooty Fruity, finds a new home on Oculus Quest next week.

The game, which originally launched on other platforms back in 2017, arrives on August 27th. Shooty Fruity is similar to other VR wave shooters with a bit of a weird twist. You fend off waves of sentient fruit with guns, whilst also scanning items at the checkout of a supermarket. It’s a bit of a plate-spinning VR game, getting you to balance racking up scores at the till with also staying alive. You can see a trailer for the Quest version below.

Suffice to say, it’s not the most serious effort. But Shooty Fruity was met with fairly positive reception from critics and fans when it first launched on PC VR and PSVR headsets a few years back, and the game seemed to see success at VR arcades too.

We thought the game had its charm, but grew old pretty quickly, awarding it 6/10 in our 2017 review. “I won’t say I didn’t have fun watching a watermelon explode after my grenade blew up around aisle 5, because I totally did, but after the first six or seven levels it all kind of starts to feel the same,” we said. “If these sections and mechanics had been part of an otherwise much larger game or were “action” pieces of an experience that consisted of narrative and puzzle elements as well, it would feel like a more compelling package.”

This marks nDreams’ second Oculus Quest release, having launched ace stealth game, Phantom: Covert Ops back in June. That was a decidedly more ‘hardcore’ experience than Shooty Fruity, but the latter is definitely one of those games that quickly communicates the power of the platform to first-time users.

Will you be picking up Shooty Fruity on Quest this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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