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Free To Play VR Hero Shooter 'Shootout' Reaches Quest Today

Shootout key art

Shootout, a new free-to-play hero shooter, is available now on Quest.

Developed by Myr, SHOOTOUT is a fast-paced team shooter focused on customizable weapons. Playable alone or with friends in 3v3 arenas, Myr promises an "expanding playlist of maps and multiplayer game modes" and over 1000 weapon combinations with unique attributes and abilities. Letting you mix and match barrels and modifiers when necessary, that's demonstrated in the gameplay trailer below.

In a prepared statement, Myr CEO and founder Hamza Siddiqui explains Shootout's development began with a minigame idea "where players are asked to assemble a traditional weapon and shoot others before getting shot." He states a key challenge was to ensure the game allows for creativity without feeling overwhelming.

"VR allows for heightened context-based awareness, where vision and hearing is heightened compared to non-VR games," continues Siddiqui. "We found that reinforcing an ability with color and shapes went a long way towards players identifying what ability their opponents have. You cant know which hero is the other character but you can know exactly what parts they have by observing their trail, projectile color and effect."

SHOOTOUT is available today on the Meta Quest platform.

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