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Shootout World Premiere Trailer Spotlights Interchangeable Weapon System

Shootout World Premiere Trailer  Spotlights Interchangeable Weapon System
Shootout from MYR on Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Shootout from new studio MYR saw its world premiere in the UploadVR Showcase with a fast-paced team shooter with a cool interchangeable weapon system.

The upcoming game is in a closed testing phase for early access on Quest 2 and Quest Pro right now with plans to move to open testing in the next few weeks via App Lab and SideQuest. You can join the official Shootout Discord group to check out early access to the game.

The game features two types of parts – barrels and modifiers – which you can mix and match as needed. Things might change after testing, but right now there's five offensive barrels, three defensive barrels, and one movement barrel that can be placed on your arms in combination with nine different modifiers, like shields, healing, and ice. Together, that makes for hundreds of combinations to incorporate into your strategizing.

The parts are quickly snapped together and can be changed out for new approaches. Over time, MYR wants to continue to adding more combinations and abilities to its system.

"You can change anything on the fly," Hamza Siddiqui, founder MYR. "There's a modifier for every occasion."

I tested out an early version of Shootout on Quest and picked up the interchangeable weapon system very quickly with parts just snapping into place on my arms. The game is also very fast-paced, so if that's up your alley check the title out on Discord and give feedback to the developers as the move toward broader release.

We'll plan to spend more time with Shootout in the coming months for a more in-depth hands-on report.

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