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Shadow Point Is A Brand New VR Puzzle Game Starring Sir Patrick Stewart

Shadow Point Is A Brand New VR Puzzle Game Starring Sir Patrick Stewart

It’s common knowledge that Sir Patrick Stewart makes basically anything better. Captain Luc Picard’s dulcet tones, polite mannerisms and ‘oh you’ humor make him one of the best people on the planet. Good news, then, he’s coming to VR.

Sir Patrick will star in Shadow Point, the latest game from UK-based Coatsink. You’ll know the team for its work on the Esper series and Augmented Empire as well as last year’s They Suspect Nothing. Shadow Point is a return to the team’s VR puzzling roots. It’s a story-driven puzzle game in which players explore a fantastical kingdom with the help of an observatory. You’re on the hunt for Lorna McCabe a missing schoolgirl that disappeared some 12 years ago.

Coatsink is staying coy on Sir Patrick’s role right now. He does, however, feature in this brief gameplay clip. It shows the player transitioning between two worlds using an eyeglass. Meanwhile in the next clip, Sir Patrick introduces us to one of the game’s puzzles. It looks like Shadow Point will rely on brain teasers that use optical illusions to keep us guessing. That’s quite a promising concept for a VR game.

It’s not the first time Coatsink has worked with all-star talent. Previous VR games have included other British icons like Nick Frost and Jim Broadbent. Think of them as the affectionate British aunty of the VR industry.

Shadow Point is coming soon to Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. Coatsink hasn’t confirmed if the game will support cross-buy, but it’s certainly a good candidate.

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