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See Dragon Ball Z VR's Kamehameha Training In Action

See Dragon Ball Z VR's Kamehameha Training In Action

If you haven’t shouted “Kame… hame… ha” in VR at least once yet then you’re doing it wrong. Dragon Ball Z’s new VR experience will help you right that wrong, though.

We first learned about this surprising new experience last month when it was announced for a Japanese arcade. Now people are finally getting their hands on it, and you can see the first footage of it below (starting at 3:43), elegantly exhibited by a Japanese gamer.

From the looks of it, the experience pits you in a training camp where Goku himself will teach you how to execute the iconic Kamehameha attack. Played on the HTC Vive, you’ll use a pair of Vive Trackers strapped to your hands instead of the usual controllers, so you can really feel like you’re firing off the energy blast. It might not be a full blown Dragon Ball VR experience but one thing’s for sure; we want to play it.

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