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The Secret of Retropolis Is A Lovely-Looking VR Point-And-Click Adventure

The Secret of Retropolis Is A Lovely-Looking VR Point-And-Click Adventure

Hankering for some classic LucasArts or Double Fine-style adventuring in VR? The Secret Of Retropolis could be just what the doctor ordered.

This PC VR title is on its way to Steam this summer. It’s an adventure-mystery in which players embody a robot detective that gets hired by a movie star. The game pays tribute to 90’s classics like Full Throttle, getting players to scour environments for key items to solve puzzles. Check out some early gameplay below.

The Secret Of Retropolis Trailer

As you might have guessed, the game’s assets were built with Oculus Quill. Not only does Retropolis look very nice on the visual front, it’s got some great ideas for VR, too. As a robot, you can reach out to items in the environment with spring-operated arms, meaning you don’t have to move from your spot. Developer Peanut Button says this is a seated experience that will be ideal for first-time VR players, too. You’ll also be able to interact with fully-voiced characters via a dialogue tree.

That’s about all we know of the title right now, though you can follow a Twitter account for more gameplay clips. As for a final date and chances of Oculus Quest and PSVR versions? We’ll keep an eye out, but no word just yet. Peanut Button also has some other experiences to check out on its website, if you’re looking for more from the developer.

Will you be checking out The Secret Of Retropolis? Let us know in the comments below!


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