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Scraper: First Strike Has An E-Book Prequel To Read In-Game

Scraper: First Strike Has An E-Book Prequel To Read In-Game

Interested in the world of Labrodex’s Scraper: First Strike? You’ll learn all about it via a new prequel e-book that you can read from within the game itself.

Labrodex this month revealed that anyone that registers to by November 15th (just under a week before the game’s launch) will get a free prequel novel to the sci-fi shooter. But, instead of booting the book up on your Kindle, you’ll actually be able to read it from inside the game itself.

As you can see from the above developer diary, at any point in the game you can find a nice spot to perch on before pulling up your virtual user-interface and digging into the book. You can adjust text size, place bookmarks and even hang your virtual window up so you can read it hands-free.

In fact, the book ends exactly where the game picks up, so you might even want to make it the first thing you do when you boot it up.

Scraper: First Strike is coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR on November 21st. A PSVR version will follow up on December 18th. It’s the first episode in a wider game set to release in 2020.

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