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Scope AR Merges Its AR Collaboration And Instructional Apps

Scope AR Merges Its AR Collaboration And Instructional Apps

Among many other possibilities, two of AR’s most promising use-cases are real-time collaboration and instructional experiences. San Francisco-based Scope AR has been working on both of these solutions for some time but, to take its work a step further, it’s now combining the two.

At today’s Augmented World Expo event, Scope AR announced that it was merging its Remote AR and WorkLink services. Remote AR is a collaboration app that allows users to video call colleagues and experts, broadcast a live feed of their surroundings and allow either user to virtually annotate and highlight points of interest using AR. Imagine fixing a car, for example, by phoning up the company that made it and having them point towards what you need to be looking at from across the world.

WorkLink, meanwhile, is somewhat similar, only it uses pre-made instructions. Using the platform, companies are able to build instructional AR videos that could, for example, guide you through setting up a new TV or installing a washing machine with 3D visualizations providing a clear guide of what you need to do.

By combining the two into one platform, Scope AR hopes to provide a more versatile experience for users. Experts will be able to ‘drop-in’ to the pre-built instructions to provide further assistance or assess a task completed using WorkLink instructions. Having a call with an expert just a few button presses away incase you have questions about setup could be incredibly useful.

The platform will be arriving on supported Scope AR platforms like ARKit and HoloLens in the coming weeks.

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