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Social VR Platform Sansar Has Gone Offline Without Explanation

Social VR platform and once-proposed Second Life successor, Sansar, appears to have gone offline without explanation.

The official website for the platform cannot be reached as of writing and, if you try and boot into the actual experience via Steam, it fails to connect. Sansar’s social channels are yet to make an official statement on the matter. In fact its Discord channel is filled with users asking what’s going on, whilst its Twitter account hasn’t posted since August.

We’ve reached out to Sansar owner Wookey Project about the issues.

Sansar, which also supports flatscreen, is one of the many social VR platforms vying for a place in the so-called metaverse and was originally started up by Second Life developer Linden Lab years back. But, in 2020, Linden Lab sold the platform to San Francisco-based Wookey Project Corp, shifting to refocus on Second Life. Since then, Sansar has hosted a few events like live music performances but has largely been pretty quiet stacked up next to the likes of Rec Room and VRChat.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more answers about what’s going on with Sansar.

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