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Sandbox Update Coming To Little Cities This Month On Quest

Sandbox Update Coming To Little Cities This Month On Quest

Littles Cities is getting a sandbox mode.

Purple Yonder announced the Sandbox Update for Little Cities today during the pre-show for today's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase.

The announcement came in at the end of a trailer recapping a year of Little Cities content updates, including the Hand Tracking Update, the Snowy Island DLC, the Attractions Update  and the Little Citizens Update.

The Sandbox Update is next, arriving sometime this month on Quest. Based off the footage in the trailer, you'll be able to paint terrain and create islands in whatever shape and form you like, placing other scenery and decorative items as you go.

We loved Little Cities when it released for Quest last year, deeming it a new take on the city simulator genre, built from the ground up for VR:

Little Cities is an impressive effort from Purple Yonder and an accomplished city simulator. It effectively adapts the genre’s traditional mechanics into a distilled format that feels native and well considered for VR. The focus on immersive city design is the right approach, backed up by brilliant visuals and audio. The control scheme and UI fades into the background, as it should, leaving you to intuitively build your city without it ever getting in your way.

You can read more in our full Little Cities review, ahead of the Sandbox Update launching later this month.

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