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Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Is The Most Powerful Gear VR-Ready Phone Yet

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Is The Most Powerful Gear VR-Ready Phone Yet

Yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reveal came and went without so much as a mention of Gear VR, but rest assured the new device will support the Oculus-powered headset.

Samsung confirmed to UploadVR that the Note 9 will support the current iteration of the Gear, though it will need an adapter to fit it. The device is a slightly different size than last year’s Note 8 with a bigger, 6.4-inch screen, so this isn’t really surprising. If you already have the kit you can call 1-800-SAMSUNG to get the adapter for free.

The Note 9’s main draw is its power, which bests any phone Samsung has put out so far. The 512 GB version of the phone boasts a mighty 8GB RAM (6GB for the 126 GB version) and is fitted with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset. That means it should run any app on the Gear VR store right now with ease and, hopefully, we’ll start seeing more visually impressive apps going forward, too.

Elsewhere, the Note 9 is fitted with a bigger, 4000mAh battery, so you’ll be able to jump into VR for longer. Expandable storage can also give the 512GB version of the device over 1TB of space. Outside of the VR-relevant features, the new S-Pen can be used as a remote control, and Samsung’s Google Assistant alternative, Bixby, has been updated to include a more diverse range of conversational options.

The phone launches on August 24th. The 128GB version is a staggering $999.99, while the 512GB edition costs $1,249.99.

Correction: Fixed one of the prices.

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