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Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

Surprising just about no one, Samsung today revealed the latest in its series of enlarged smartphones, the Galaxy Note 8.

The phone was unveiled during the company’s Unpacked press conference in New York.

The device features a dual camera, the first in the Note series to do so. It also continues Samsung’s Infinity Display initiative, reducing bezel and making room for the largest screen ever on a Note device. It’s 6.3 inches large, to be exact and boasts the company’s QuadHD Super AMOLED resolution.

Power-wise it’s a beast. The Note 8 boasts 6 GB RAM and a 10nm processor.

The Note 8 is compatible with Gear VR, the mobile-based headset made by Samsung itself in partnership with Oculus. It’s the second Samsung phone to be released since the introduction of a new motion controller for the headset, with now comes bundled in with it.

The Note 8 is notable (sorry) for another reason, though. This is the first Note phone to arrive after last year’s disastrous launch of the Note 7, which saw worldwide recalls after handsets started exploding. You might still be hearing that you’ll have to hand in your Note 7 smartphone before getting on a flight in the US.

The phone is set to be released on September 15th. Pre-orders start tomorrow. Are you picking one up?

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