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Rumor: PSVR 2 To Ditch Break Out Box, Introduce New Move Controllers

Rumor: PSVR 2 To Ditch Break Out Box, Introduce New Move Controllers

Take this one with a big pinch of salt right now, but some interesting rumors about a hypothetical PSVR 2 popped up online this week.

Reddit user RuthenicCookie recently made some claims about Sony’s VR follow-up, which will apparently run on the unannounced PlayStation 5 console. Usually, we wouldn’t touch rumors like these but, in the same thread, RuthenicCookie correctly stated that Sony would be announcing they were pulling out of E3 2019 yesterday.

They wrote that PSVR 2 would be ditching the breaker box that’s located along the wire that connects the headset to the console. In the current model, this box is used to handle PSVR’s 3D audio capabilities along with its social screen features. These features will apparently be housed inside the console itself this time.

RuthenicCookie also stated that PSVR 2 would introduce new Move motion controllers, which was to be expected given the original Moves are a little archaic in design now. Finally, the system will apparently again use a camera which will also track DualShock 5, and Sony is also apparently testing gloves to go with VR.

Still, being right about an announcement one day out doesn’t guarantee that the rest of these rumors are accurate in any way. In fact, we’re still skeptical Sony would go with another camera-based tracking system for the headset, as the original PSVR’s one-camera setup only provides 180-degree tracking for Move controllers and often causes headsets and peripherals to drift inside an experience.

It could be that RuthenicCookie is instead referring to the sensor-based system closer to the HTC Vive that we’ve seen in patients, though we’re still hoping PSVR 2 ultimately goes for an inside-out system. That said, most of these claims do indeed correspond with patents that have surfaced in the past year or so.

Either way we’ve no doubt got a long wait ahead of us before we hear official details on PSVR 2.

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