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VR RPG Ruinsmagus Finds A Publisher, Coming To Quest & PC This Spring

VR RPG Ruinsmagus Finds A Publisher, Coming To Quest & PC This Spring

VR Japanese RPG, Ruinsmagus, now has a publisher and is back on track for a western launch.

The game from Kyoto-based Character Bank was originally hoping to launch worldwide with the help of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. But it failed to secure the necessary funds through the platform, and its developer said it would look into other means of releasing.

This week the team confirmed it had partnered with Mastiff to publish the game beyond Japan. It’s now looking to release Ruinsmagus on both Quest and PC VR this spring. No word on a PSVR release yet but we’ll let you know if we hear anymore.

The game sees players travel to the town of Grand Amnis, where they’ll explore ancient ruins as they look to grow their magical abilities. Though story-heavy, the experience will also feature a full combat system that pits you against mythical enemies across more than 25 quests. It’s also promising 14 types of magical attacks and different armor and shield sets too.

We’ll be interested to see just how deep of an experience the game ends up being but, visually speaking, it already looks quite striking.

Will you be looking to check out Ruinsmagus? Let us know in the comments below!

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